Background Checks

Background checks are an integral part of how Detective Agency operates. Making these checks maintains a strong sense of security for you, informing and aiding the right decisions to be made.

Whether it is for business or personal reasons, a quality and secure background check will provide you with the evidence you need.

Introducing background checks is an important process of investigating an individual’s past history. This is to eliminate any doubts on your part and encourage a sense of personal assurance. These types of checks can be used to uncover any person’s identity data, be they a partner of yours or someone you wish to employ.

Background Checks as an Employer

If you are an employer, then having thorough background checks on those you employ is key to maintaining integrity within your organisation. The team at Detective Agency are committed to delivering fast and accurate results in criminal background checks. Searching for details such as addresses, birth dates and aliases, as well as criminal records, you will be given a complete overview of the individual’s profile.

As an employer, you need to be able to trust those who work for you. By carrying out professional background checks, Detective Agency provides you with that peace of mind. As a result, you will then be guaranteed of your employee’s claims Background Checks.

Background Checks With Detective Agency

The service you receive is one of high skill and quality. Our team can uncover the background of a wide range of activities. The checks can involve a person’s marriage and divorce history, their businesses, assets, media and press involvement and much more.

At Detective Agency, you will find arranging background checks are simple and cost-effective. Be it in the UK or overseas, our investigators will work tirelessly to bring you accurate results every time.

Contact Global Investigations today to organise the search and get a free quote from one of our expert advisor’sBackground Checks.