People and Asset Tracing

The importance of asset tracing is key to any investigation where there is a necessary pursuit of money involved. By using the skills of asset tracing experts from Detective Agency, you will gain the facts needed to make your next move, be it court proceedings or not.

Finding out about individuals and their assets has long been essential for those who need make a stronger case. The crucial information that is gathered through Detective Agency searching and uncovering hidden assets is well served and substantiated in court.

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Unearthing and recovering assets is a service that Detective Agency has long been proud of. Using various techniques, such as vehicle tracking, mobile phone tracing and audio bugs, your subject will be in the very capable hands of experienced investigators.

Uncovering such assets as property investments, company shares, vehicle ownership, undeclared stock and accounts, Detective Agency uncover the truth quickly and accurately.

Asset Tracing Investigations

The asset tracing service is not just limited to the UK either. Using worldwide contacts and agencies, Detective Agency has a truly global influence on the recovering of assets.

By using correct and legal protocol during investigations, your information will always be legitimate material to be used in court circumstances.


Who can help you with Asset Tracing

Detective Agency has many investigators ready to help you with your asset tracing enquiries. Offering guidance and the strictest confidentiality during all proceedings, you will be assured of a swift and effective asset tracing service.

With an excellent success rate in the recovery of hidden assets, your financial settlement is brought one step closer to you by Detective Agency’s team of renowned specialists. For all your asset tracing needs answered, get the professionals to help you and call Global Investigations today for all your asset tracing needs answered.

People and Asset tracing