Surveillance can often be the number one method of obtaining proof of criminal behaviour. The world of surveillance is growing fast, aided by increased technology and can now be used to ensnare those who commit fraud of all kinds, fake injury, sell counterfeit goods, adultery, theft or even espionage.

Through the art of skilled surveillance, Detective Agency works for you to uncover vital evidence, be it video or photographic. This can then be used effectively and successfully in a court of law to bring a swift resolution to your case.


Surveillance Systems

Having security surveillance is unfortunately more necessary today than ever. By introducing a surveillance system into your business or home, you can begin to feel safer and gather your own log of evidence if necessary. Without suitable surveillance, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to a range of criminal activity.

Detective Agency only deals with the very best surveillance systems on the market. Operated in the UK or on a global scale by specialists, our methods are fine tuned to gather information for you in as short a time period as possible. This can mean using cameras, audio bugs, phone monitoring equipment, image intensifiers and other hidden devices to uncover both audio and visual footage.

Detective Agency Surveillance Services

Those who contact Detective Agency for help with surveillance are extremely diverse. From departments in government, to private businesses, those in education and personal cases too, surveillance has a far reaching effect on all of us. Call Global Investigations now and get your surveillance tailored especially around your own requirements for achieving the most effective outcome.